The Railroad Crossing
Your Home on Your Layout!

    The Railroad Crossing is finishing up its second decade of model building. During these years, we have built hundreds of buildings from Victorian houses and farm structures to railroad buildings and storefronts. Check out the Stock Page to see some of the wide variety that is available.
    In addition to that, The Railroad Crossing is most excited about our custom projects . From county court houses to long demolished railroad structures, The Railroad Crossing has a great tradition of providing you with unique custom buildings you can't find anywhere else.
    Working from photographs, or in some cases sketches and drawings, The Railroad Crossing reproduces distinctive models to represent any era you want to recreate on your layout. Check out the Custom Page to see some of the projects from the past year. They include the old BelAir, Maryland train station, a trolley stop in Pennsylvania, a courthouse in Maryland, Wordell's Fish House in Connecticut and the Lewis Motor Co. in Virginia.
    Yet, in addition to that, we are always available to build your home, your church or your business. Have a unique spot on your layout, have a particular need...? Let us fill it with the building of your dreams. Our only limitation is your imagination!

    For information on our upcoming shows and updates on our most recent projects, "Like" us on FaceBook at "The Railroad Crossing"